Rachwani: The operation started in 1950,

1950: A worldwide export-oriented company under the name of Anita International Osaka Japan. Owner Founder Mr Tulsidas Shewaram Rachwani alias Mr S.R.Tulsi (deceased in 1996) father of Mr Manohar.Rachwani was established

1965: anita International (Seoul) S.Korea President: Mr.Manohar Rachwani

Self employed Manohar.Rachwani based in Frankfurt am Main Germany since 1976

1976: CEO of Anita Elektro-Tex Handels GmbH Frankfurt am Main Germany  

1989: CEO of ANITECH vertriebs GmbH, Frankfurt am Main  

In Mumbai since 1990 Company under the name: CEO Panasonic Electronic Co. (Pvt) Ltd, Trade & KANSAI Agency Pvt Ltd

CEO In Hong Kong China since 1990 under the name:  KANSAI Electronic Mfg 

1991: Chairman of KANSAI Handels AG, KANSAI Consulting AG

1993:CEO of PanCom Technologies GmbH.

 2001: CEO of my office Germany GmbH,

2002: Chairman of Pansoft Technologies Ltd, Mumbai India 

2006: Self employed, Rachwani since 1950 (Import / Export / Business Consulting / Project Management)

Own registered trademarks: anitone anita, anitone, ANITECH & KANSAI 

Manohar.Rachwani born on 6th of December 1950 in Mumbai, India has import / export / trade / consulting experience of about 53 years, 5 years in Japan, 3 years in S.Korea and 42 years in Germany / EU.

He is the founder of Anita Elektro-Tex Handels GmbH, ANITECH Vertriebs GmbH, Kansai Handel AG, KANSAI Consulting AG, PanCom Technologies GmbH, Pansoft Technologies Ltd

Mr. Manohar.Rachwani performs all import / export / trade / distribution and marketing activities.

His positions were: 49% partner in Anita International Osaka / Japan & Anita International Seoul

CEO of Anita Elektro-Tex Handels GmbH, 49% shareholder and CEO of ANITECH Vertriebs GmbH

Chairman: KANSAI Handels AG, KANSAI Consulting AG & Pansoft Technologies Ltd Mumbai India.

He is the company’s leading bridge to all major contacts in India, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, Latin South and Central US, Caribbean and EU

Manohar.Rachwani born in India and is a German citizen since 1993, he was 49% partner in Japan Anita International, founded in 1950, an international export-oriented company with global trade.

Important Events & Achievements:

1987/1988: sold 100% of Anita Elektro-Tex Handels GmbH to Hako AG, and founded the company ANITECH Vertriebs GmbH in 1988 and worked with Hako AG Bochum Germany ( 51% Hako AG and 49% Manohar.Rachwani). ANITECH Vertriebs GmbH sales of more than 1 billion DM / Euro 500 million. EBITDA of € 125 million in 1988 to 1990,  plays a very important / big role in Germany / Europe market in consumer electronics ..

1991: The trade with KANSAI Handel AG has been in consumer electronics (TVs, VCRs, car radios – speakers – CD changers, LED watch radios, portable multiband radios, calculators, household electrical appliances and etc) under ownbrands of ANITA, ANITONE, OSAKA, ANITECH and Kansai and supports brands such as: CASIO, Panasonic, Philips, Aiwa, Sanyo, Fisher, HITACHI and etc. 

KANSAI Consulting AG / Mr Manohar.Rachwani was involved, involved in the IT industry with Pansoft Technologies Ltd, Mumbai India, and after the dot.Com bubble bust began trading and consulting companies such as:

2005  : For KXD in China, sold over 50,000 sets of DVD player under the brand of Kansai to ProMarkt Germany

Also worked as Consultant for ITM Technology AG / AEG and finalized a license agreement for my customer Clatronic International GmbH, D-47906 Kempen / Germany  http://www.clatronic.com  http://www.etv.de   the  brand AEG for consumer electronics ( Brown goods) for a period of about 7 years. Order value of around EUR 700 million.

2006  : Worked as Consultant for the company Oriental Qisheng Technology Ltd, China,sold 10,000 sets of portable DVD player with monitor under the brand of elta to elta GmbH, D-63322 Rödermark / Germany 

Also, worked as consultant for a Chinese manufacturer producing home appliances, has sold over 50,000 sets of 3-in-one coffee makers (espresso / cappuccino / coffee standards) under the brand of elta to elta GmbH 

2005 -2006  worked as consultant for EHG Elektroholding GmbH, D-60325 Frankfurt am Main (subsidiary concern of the Daimler Benz AG) and TELEFUNKEN Licenses GmbH. During the year 2006 I was able to convince my customer Bit Wireless GmbH, D63739 Aschaffenburg, to enter into the license agreement for the use of the brand TELEFUNKEN for their products (GSM / UMTS / WLAN / WIMAX / Bluetooth, RFID / NFC identification / The contract was duly signed around August 2006 and Bit Wireless GmbH and a new company under the name TELEFUNKEN ID Systems GmbH, D-63739 Aschaffenburg was established . And finally in the course of 2007 I was able to achieve the sale of the trademark rights of TELEFUNKEN managed under the company TELEFUNKEN Licenses GmbH to an investor namely:

Life Holding AG Berlin for 30 million euros, with interbrand valuation of 76 million euros.

Life Holding AG, who after the operation of the license business for about 5-6 years recoversing all costs and investment and during 2013 sold the license for TVs to be produced and sold worldwide for the amount of €100 millions.

I now have a similar and a fantastic offer for: Investor/investors/Industrialist .

I have established a company on 23.04.2018 under the name of :

Schaub Lorenz AG, Frankfurt am Main Germany, I am the chairman of the company and owning 100% of the equity shares.

The brand name of Schaub Lorenz is among the top German brands known in consumer electronics since 1891 and the investment value of Schaub Lorenz brand has been estimated at Eur 45 377 thousand and brand ranges from Eur 36 944 thousand to Eur 55 292 thousand, this is covered in a report issued by one of the top valuers in the world’s renowned company KPMG

I am now looking for an Investor/Investors group/Industrialist/Industrial group:

Special offer,I want to sell 75% of my equity shares of Schaub Lorenz AG at a giveaway price of Eur 6 millions only. The deal has to be completed latest by the end of this month 

The business model of the company will be franchising and licensing of the products on worldwide basis and the products will be one of best,modern,innovative with the latest technology,German standard and with international approvals and top luxury products to be sold at reasonable prices. 

Within 3 years of our worldwide operation, we we expect to achieve a sales turnover of about Eur 1,200 millions and earn a net profit of about 9% = Eur 108 millions.

We will also establish a bank under the name of Schaub Lorenz Bank Ag, Frankfurt am Main Germany with a paid up capital of Eur 5 million and we will be able to borrow Eur 50 millions from ECB @ 0% and we will give credit to our best customers and charge them 3% interest p.a.

We will prepare and try to go for an IPO and raise about Eur 1000 million and establish an assembly plant to produce e-mobile products in EU, products such as e-Bikes,e-scooters,e-mobile vehicles.e-strollers e-rickshaws e-cars and so on.