Schaub Lorenz AG

Schaub Lorenz is one of the top German brands known in consumer electronics, since 1891.

C.Schaub Lorenz AG Berlin Germany

Well-known German the brands sold in the past.

A.GRUNDIG 2004 @ €80 million.

B.AMSTRAD for Stg pounds 125 million

C.TELEFUNKEN, sold by me for €30 million. Attached please see the signed agreement with EHG a daughter concern of Daimler Benz AG

D.MEDION sold for €1 billion to LENOVO. (Lenovo wanted to have an access to Germany and EU and Medion’s main customer is and has been ALDI) 

SCHAUB LORENZ brand and products could easily be sold in Germany and EU to LIDL

There are no more other top and well known German top brands available for sale

Schaub Lorenz AG

SL Superb Lifestyle

Germany. Since 1891

New Inovative Consumer electronics

Action Cams, Multiroom speakers, Smartphone, 3D Printing/Scan, Tvs, Gaming, Hi-Fi Headphones,

Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality

Digital Health/Wellness, Drones, Wearables, Smart Home/Living/gadgets/vacuum cleaner robots.

High Fashion European designers wearable goods.

Handbags, travel bags and suitcases

Schaub Lorenz:

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100 Million More e-bikes will be sold by 2030